AWE has a critical mission: to support the defence and security of the UK. Our role in keeping the nation safe is to manufacture, maintain and develop the warheads for Trident, the UK’s ultimate deterrent, and use our unique skills and expertise to support nuclear threat reduction.


Mirion Technologies (CANBERRA UK) Limited

Email: uksales@mirion.com

Mirion Technologies is a leading provider of innovative products, systems and services related to the detection, measurement and monitoring of radiation. For over 60 years, we have worked alongside our customers to develop and deliver high-quality cutting-edge solutions to the most difficult radiation safety, measurement, and characterisation challenges.

Every member of the Mirion Technologies team is focused on enhancing the customer experience by delivering superior products, exceptional service, and unsurpassed support.  Our organisation is comprised of over 1,800 talented professionals, passionate about delivering world-class products, services, and solutions.  Our UK presence comprises offices in Harwell, Farnborough, Warrington, Seascale and Forss.


National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)


As the UK’s national laboratory for nuclear fission, NNL is harnessing nuclear science to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. We channel our work into four strategic areas: Clean Energy, Health and Nuclear Medicine, Environmental Restoration and Security and Non-Proliferation. These four Focus Areas are the cornerstones of our ambition, shaping what we deliver to our customers and for UK society, and how we invest in our future.

At a time when society is waking up to acting on the environmental crisis our planet faces, it is impossible to overestimate the scale of the challenge ahead for the UK in reaching net zero by 2050. Without nuclear, the UK will not meet this target on time. And without NNL’s work, the UK nuclear sector cannot deliver what is required.

We are custodians of a unique set of facilities and capabilities that enable ground-breaking nuclear research and development – including four world-leading laboratories in the North West of England. The most important asset for our future success, however, is our people. We are fortunate to be gifted with some of the most creative and inspired scientific minds in our sector, in the world.

Everyone in our workforce is here to deliver environmentally and financially sustainable solutions to the major challenges of the 21st century, with the support of our customers and partners in government, academia and the supply chain.




As a leading manufacturer of microscopes ZEISS offers solutions for 3D and 4D sample characterisation in Materials Research. Bespoke ZEISS solutions are available to help solve challenges associated with handling nuclear material samples in a range of customer environments.

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